full spectrum cbg oil

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Premium hemp products: CBD/CBG/CBN oils and more. 

Full spectrum. 100% USDA organic. New York-crafted.

Pandemic Coping 

Great for use as a stress buster. Love the pleasant aroma and taste.

Lydia C

Love It

Excellent quality and a great deal, too! Works wonderfully and helps me relax.

Tara B.


I enjoy it and it works really well on my dogs and has a very nice aroma to it.

Ricky Z.

new york hemp

Pure + Potent New York Hemp

2018: A man and his Saint Bernard couldn’t find a New York business selling high-quality, organic CBD oil. So Mike bootstrapped his own original brand to help people get the elite hemp extracts he always wanted. 

Today, Medical Mikes offers full spectrum CBG, CBD, and CBN oils, a soothing CBD salve, and a CBD tincture for pets (of course). We work with top local suppliers and manufacturers to deliver ethically, sustainably-sourced goods. You’ll receive hemp products exactly as nature intended: 100% organic.

Explore our signature collection, our special CBG formula, and the true healing power of cannabis.

full spectrum cbg oil

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Rich and high-quality hemp formulas to help you relax, restore, and refresh.
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CBD for pets near me
600mg Full Spectrum Dog CBD Oil
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600mg Full Spectrum CBN:CBD Oil
cbd oil for sale near me
cdb near me
2400mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
8% off
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2000mg Full Spectrum CBG:CBD Oil
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The Medical Mikes Pledge

new york cbd


We use USDA 100% organic, full spectrum hemp. It goes from farm to bottle, sourced exclusively from trusted farms in upstate New York.
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Our unique proprietary formulas are 3rd party lab-tested, prepared in small batches, then carefully packaged for shelves and delivery.
new york cbd


We strive for exceptional quality. We extract the natural healing power of cannabis to craft products that treat the body and mind.

Medical Mikes Hemp News

Read the latest updates on trends in: wellness, hemp, new product releases, how to cook with cannabis, working out with CBD and much more!
full spectrum cbg oil
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What Does CBD Taste Like?
  • Jan 19, 2022
What Does CBD Taste Like?
full spectrum cbg oil

Discover the Power of CBG

Pure and simple ingredients.

And like all Medical Mikes products, our Full Spectrum CBG is sourced from organic hemp farms, made in New York, and always third-party tested.

CBG vs. CBD vs. CBN

Which full spectrum hemp formula is the right fit for you?
organic CBG Oil - New York


“Mama Cannabinoid” AM Consumption. Uplifting energy booster. Creativity + concentration. For good moods + stress relief.
cbd oil near me


“The OG Healer” Daytime Consumption. Relaxation + restoration. Chronic + acute pain relief. For holistic everyday wellness.
full spectrum cbn oil


“The Sweet Dreamer” PM Consumption. Mild sedative effect. Anti-inflammatory agent. For an amazing night’s sleep.

New York Cannabis Legalization

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New York Medical Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Jan 11, 2022
New York Medical Cannabis Dispensaries: How to Get the Weed You Need
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