New York Hemp, CBD, CBG, & CBN Questions
What is CBD?

CBD is one of the most prominent naturally occurring compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants. When CBD is extracted from hemp, it can be processed in many forms including ingestible oils, topical salves, smokable vapes, and edibles. 

Known as cannabidiol, CBD interacts with receptors in the body’s Endocannabinoid System to deliver an array of wellness benefits. Research shows CBD is also a potent anti-inflammatory agent. 

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What is CBG?

CBG (Cannabigerol) is considered the “mother cannabinoid” of hemp and cannabis plants because it can transform into compounds like CBD and THC under environmental conditions, like heat, age, and light. 

CBG binds directly with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s Endocannabinoid System to support internal balance. Reported CBG benefits include improved sleep and skin health with the proper CBG dosage.

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What is CBN?

CBN is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis plants. Anecdotal evidence indicates CBN may support better sleep, pain relief, and increased appetite due to its interaction with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. In terms of its effects, some CBN users report mild psychoactive feelings, which may result from the compound’s sedative properties.

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Why do people take full spectrum CBD, CBG, and CBN oils?

People take CBD, CBG, CBN and other hemp extracts for a variety of wellness purposes. Medical Mike’s customer report  encouraging stories of CBD to aid in relaxation,, pain, skincare, and stress. Others tout CBG benefits for sleep, skin health, and nausea relief. When it comes to CBN, people also report better sleep along with reduced pain and increased appetite.   

Despite CBD’s widely accepted benefits, it’s important to note that CBD is only FDA-approved for  certain forms of epilepsy. CBD, CBG and CBN are not approved as supplements or medications for any other purpose. If you are interested in taking CBD CBG or CBN for your  health, please consult with a medical professional first.

How can I incorporate CBD oil into my beauty routine?

Due to its antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties, CBD is a powerful anti-aging ingredient in lotions, creams, face masks, lip balms and cleansers. But CBD beauty products aren’t always cost effective and some may contain ingredients you’d rather not apply to your face. So, if you’re into DIY beauty, check out our blog featuring CBD oil recipes for younger looking skin.

Will CBD, CBG, or CBN get me high?

Unlike THC, CBD and CBG don't get you high. Most research indicates CBN is also non=psychoactive, However, this cannabinoid carries a little more nuance than the other hemp-derived compounds. Some evidence suggests CBN may be mildly psychoactive at high dosages due to its sedative effects and close chemical relation to THCa (the acidic precursor to THC), All that said, CBN absolutely does not produce the intense mind-altering effects associated with marijuana.

What is the difference Between CBG and CBD?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of the precursors to CBD, which means hemp plants convert CBG into CBD as they mature and become exposed to heat and light. 

When it comes to CBG benefits vs CBD benefits, the two share similar effects as well as key distinctions. CBG is known to have the greatest effect on skin issues, sleep and appetite, while CBD is best known for stress and anxiety relief, pain, and muscle soreness.

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Should I take CBG oil or CBD oil?

You might be wondering which cannabinoid is better for you–CBG or CBD. The answer is not so simple. Since everyone processes hemp extracts differently based on dosage, delivery method, and metabolism, you may need to experiment with trying both CBG and CBD until you find the right dosage and potency to support your wellness goals.

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What is the best CBG dosage for maximum effects?

The best CBG dosage and milligrams is different for everyone, depending on their health condition, metabolism, age, weight and frequency of use. While it may take some trial and error, it’s still critical to keep experimenting until you find the proper CBG dosage for your needs. The best way to start is with a low dosage that you gradually increase over time. 

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Why do people take CBG edibles?

Some people prefer to take CBG edibles over oils or smokable hemp because they prefer the taste and like that edibles tend to last longer than other delivery methods. Additionally, some people prefer CBG edibles because they’re more discreet. 

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Are CBD, CBG, and CBN legal in the United States?

CBD and CBG are federally legal in all 50 states as long as they’re sourced from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% THC. Medical Mike’s CBD, CBG and CB oils and salves are all sourced from legal hemp.

Is CBD, CBG, and CBN legal in NY?

In short–yes. After the federal government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp extracts including CBD, CBN, and CBG  became legal in every state. Shortly after New York’s legislatures released rules to legally govern ingestible hemp extracts. Smokable hemp, however, is banned in the state.

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Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD, CBG, or CBN oil?

The risk is low. However, all hemp products may contain trace amounts of THC at levels less than 0.3%. If you are subject to drug tests, you may want to consult with your physician first.

How Long are CBD, CBG, and CBN Detectable in the Urine?

Hemp extracts of any kind will typically stay in your system for 2 to 5 days but can stay as long as several weeks in some circumstances. 

Are All Full Spectrum Hemp Products Safe to Use?

Research shows CBD is well-tolerated and safe to use, but please consult your healthcare provider before consuming hemp products–especially if you're subjected to drug tests.

What are hemp extract aerial parts?

Hemp’s aerial parts are the portions of the plant that grow above ground, including leaves, flowers and stems, which contain the highest potency of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. In contrast to hemp’s aerial parts, its seeds contain very few therapeutic compounds. So hemp extract produced from the aerial parts tends to contain the highest ratio of CBD, CBG and CBN compared to hemp seed oils.

What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Hemp and marjiuana are both Cannabis sativa plants. However hemp is federally legal while marijuana is a schedule 1 illicit substance, Why? Growers breed hemp to contain less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana strains contain potent levels of the intoxicating compound.

Is marijuana legal in New York?

Yes. Even though marijuana is federally banned, 37 states, including New York have legalized the plant for medical purposes. And in March 2021, New York became one of 18 states that also approved marijuana for adult use. New Yorkers can start visiting dispensaries as early as 2023.

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Where can I buy marijuana in New York?

As of today, you can only buy marijuana in New York if you have a medical card and visit one of the sanctioned treatment clinics throughout the state. In early 2023, you can expect to find New York cannabis dispensaries and consumption lounges in hundreds of municipalities throughout the state.

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Product Questions
What products does Medical Mike’s sell?

Medical Mike’s sells full-spectrum and organic hemp products across the following categories:

Full-spectrum CBD oils

Full-spectrum CBG oils

Full-spectrum CBN oil

CBD oil for pets

CBD skin salve 

What dosage should I take of Medical Mike’s full-spectrum CBD, CBG, and CBN oils?

CBD, CBG and CBN are natural compounds that interact in everyone’s body differently based on a variety of factors like hormones, age, weight, sex, metabolism, and even mood. That means 5mg may be enough for you. Or you may prefer 25mg or more. The experts recommend “starting slow and low.”

For more details, check out our recent blogs on CBD dosing and CBG dosing.

When do Medical Mike’s CBD, CBG, and CBN products expire?

Medical Mike’ products will last 1 year from the date of delivery when stored properly. For best results, we recommend keeping CBD, CBG and CBN products in a cool dry place between 60 and 70-degrees Fahrenheit.

How should I store CBD, CBG and CBN oils to preserve their safety and efficacy?

All-natural products, like Medical Mike’s full-spectrum hemp extracts, slowly break down with age and heat exposure. To preserve Medical Mike’s hemp oils, please store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The ideal temperature is between 60 and 70-degrees Fahrenheit.

What is Medical Mike’s CBD skin salve for?

Medical Mike’s CBD skin balm is packed with nourishing fatty acids, anti-inflammatory CBD and invigorating peppermint and eucalyptus oils to help calm, smooth and soften the skin. Customers often use our CBD salve for post-workout muscle relief and as an anti-aging moisturizer.

Can I give Medical Mike’s Dog CBD Oil to my cat or any other animals?

Yes, the pet CBD Oil we offer is designed to support your canine or feline family members. To learn more about Medical Mike’s pet CBD oil, check out our blog.

Order Questions
Does Medical Mike’s ship to all states in the USA?

Medical Mike’s is a New York based hemp company but we ship our premium full- spectrum hemp extracts to all 50 states in the USA.

Does Medical Mike’s ship internationally?

At this time, Medical Mike’s only ships within the United States.

When will I receive my Medical Mike’s products?

Ground shipping usually takes 2-7 business days.

Is shipping free from Medical Mike’s?

We offer free shipping on all orders of $75 or more. Orders below $75 cost a flat rate of $4.95 for standard ground shipping.

Visit our shipping and return policy page for more details.

What is Medical Mike’s return policy?

We have a 14 day return policy for any unopened products. However, we want to be sure you have the best experience .If you have an issue with a purchased product such as being damaged or defective please send us an email: customerservice@medicalmikes.com

How do I initiate a return?

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Medical Mikes Questions
Where are Medical Mike’s products sourced?

Medical Mike’s full spectrum CBD, CBG, and CBN products are sourced from organic hemp farms in New York.

Are all Medical Mike’s hemp products full spectrum?

Yes, all of our CBD, CBG, and CBN oils are full spectrum because we believe in the power of whole-plant therapies. By incorporating hemp’s array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, we offer fully balanced formulas designed for optimal well-being.

Are all Medical Mike’s hemp products organic?

All of Medical Mike’s CBD oils as well as our 600MG CBG oil are USDA certified organic.

Does Medical Mike’s test all of its hemp products with a verified third-party laboratory?

Absolutely! We’re fully transparent about our 3rd party laboratory results because we only source the highest quality Vermont and New York hemp and we want you to feel safe. Click here to view our third-party test results, which includes our certificate of analysis (COA).

Does Medical Mike’s sell smokable CBD flower?

As a New York based hemp company, Medical MIke’s doesn’t sell smokable hemp due to the statewide ban on these products. Residents in states that allow smokable hemp can visit local dispensaries, health food stores, and online retailers to purchase this type of product.

I would like to be a Medical Mike’s wholesaler. Where do I start?

Please visit the Wholesale page and follow the instructions. If you are approved, a Medical Mike’s representative will contact you.