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CBD for Hyper Dogs

CBD for Hyper Dogs: Can It Help?

Do you have a dog who struggles with being too hyper at times? It could be due to its breed, a medical condition, or from a variety of other factors. Dog owners with a pet that struggles to settle down may find themselves at a loss for getting the hyperactivity under control. There are many things that owners can try to manage their hyper dog, which leads to an increasingly common question: Can CBD for hyper dogs help?

The basics of CBD for hyper dogs

Many people are surprised to learn that CBD can be used for more than just human conditions. That’s because both humans and dogs, and other mammals, have an endocannabinoid system.

Simply put, this system regulates a variety of processes in the body, from inflammation and pain responses to mood, appetite, sleep, and much more. Humans and animals produce endocannabinoids naturally, which bind to receptors in the system that send signals for the body to carry out various processes.

CBD can also affect these receptors, changing various processes in the body. These can include changes in how humans and animals respond to stress triggers, which can lead to a potential reduction in hyperactivity for dogs.

CBD for senior dogs

As dogs age, they can face an increase in anxiety and stress, which is why CBD for hyper dogs can extend into their senior years. But CBD can go even further in helping senior dogs, especially those who experience joint pain and inflammation.

Unfortunately for our aging furry friends, joint pain and general inflammation are common as dogs get older. To improve their quality of life, many owners seek ways to reduce this inflammation and pain with supplements.

CBD for senior dogs is a great choice. Because CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, it can be a great tool in improving your senior dog’s quality of life. In fact, one study found that more than 80% of dogs with osteoarthritis had a decrease in pain after using CBD, which helped them live a more comfortable life.


Hemp vs CBD for dogs

Another common question we hear when discussing CBD for hyper dogs and other conditions is the difference between hemp and CBD for dogs. The two may sound similar and share some qualities, but there is a distinct difference between hemp vs CBD for dogs. 

Hemp seed oil is different from CBD oil. Hemp oil is made by pressing hemp seeds together to excrete the oil from them. They are rich in amino and fatty acids, making them a valuable supplement for a variety of conditions. However, hemp oil does not include any CBD. This has major implications in how effective it can be in treating conditions for dogs.

On the other hand, CBD oil is rich in, well, CBD. Hemp seed oil can’t interact with the endocannabinoid system because it lacks the chemical compounds needed to do so. This makes CBD a much better choice for dealing with various conditions your dog might face. While a good source of protein, hemp oil itself can’t manage hyperactivity and pain in dogs.

How to give CBD for hyper dogs and other conditions

It’s easy to give dogs CBD. Some people like to give their dogs treats that have CBD in them, but the most efficient way is to give your dog CBD oil, as you can manage the dosage and figure out exactly what’s right for your pup’s needs.

Our CBD oil for dogs is naturally crafted with full-spectrum CBD oil to deliver the most beneficial compounds to your furry friend. We first formulated it for our beloved Saint Bernard’s arthritis, and it worked wonders for healing the pain.

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