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COVID-19 and CBD: The Misconceptions and The Truth

Medical Misconceptions

With the amount of panic in the world right now, knowing the truth and debunking misconceptions about the Coronavirus is more important than ever. Unfortunately, there have been countless incorrect claims being made on the basis that CBD, a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis plant varieties, can somehow “cure” Covid-19 and the sickness it brings. As much as we’d love to believe that cannabidiol, or CBD, could do such a thing, it is simply not true. 

Sadly, this isn’t the only false information being spread in this chaotic time. From discussing CBD companies’ false claims to viral articles talking about miracle cures, we’re here to clear things up a bit; not to mention, we can provide you with some vital (and credible) tips to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy, even during all of this uncertainty. 

CBD is Not a Cure

First off, it is important to note that CBD is not a cure for anything, despite what some companies or blogs may claim. Though CBD may be helpful for certain ailments in alleviating symptoms, it simply cannot be used as a treatment-- especially for the Coronavirus. 

In March, the Food and Drug Administration sent out numerous letters to CBD companies that were selling misleading CBD tinctures and “Coronavirus products.” These products were being marketed as options to treat the virus or even reverse effects. Despite how ridiculous this may seem, during a time of such panic, people are willing to turn to anything. Because of this, CBD sales have skyrocketed this month and these types of businesses are thriving more than ever-- off of misinformation. 

Along with individual companies attempting to market their products as cures, other viral emails and articles are being passed around with just as harmful of misinformation. One fake Fox News article, in particular, claimed that your “everyday mom” found the cure to the virus through CBD oil, as the article then pushes you to buy your own. This article is simply a marketing tactic to get more people to turn to CBD, though this only furthers the false reputation the cannabinoid has about it being an end-all cure. 

Consumers also need to be on the lookout for scam text messages. These scams will claim to have a cure or product for added protection against Covid-19 and then send an embedded link to that “product.” Do not click these links, as they may be attempting to get your personal information or have you purchase fraudulent products. 

Simply put: CBD is not a cure for the Coronavirus, and anyone who claims to have the cure (other than sources like the CDC) is falsifying information. With herbalists and CBD companies making dangerously incorrect claims, understanding what’s true and what’s not is crucial. In times like this, no matter how much you enjoy your cannabis, relying on credible scientific sources is always best. For the truth, we can turn to the Centers for Disease Control and Protection.

Staying Healthy: Tips from the CDC

In order to legitimately prevent yourself from getting the Coronavirus, the CDC offers extremely helpful tips on their website. Right now, it seems as though the best way for us to avoid contracting it is to avoid coming in contact with it. This is exactly why various places across the globe have gone on lockdown, keeping only essential businesses up and running. 

If you do have to be out and exposed to the public or public spaces, wash your hands as often and as thoroughly as possible. Try to avoid touching your face if at all possible, especially around your eyes, nose, and mouth if your hands haven’t been washed in a bit. To keep the spread of germs to a minimum, you want to make sure you are keeping a safe distance between you and those around you-- typically around six feet. Like always, covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze is crucial, and always dispose of the tissues you use when you blow your nose. Essentially, basic hygiene and a bit of social distancing is key to staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. 

In the unfortunate event that you feel you may have the virus and are starting to feel under the weather, it is vital for you to stay home unless you’re explicitly seeking medical help. Most of us are able to recover from Covid-19 at home, so containing your germs within your place of residence is safest for many. Isolate yourself around the rest of those in your home to stop the spread, and make sure everything is being cleaned and disinfected as frequently as possible. 

In case you do need to leave for medical help, always call first. Our medical facilities are being overwhelmed with cases right now, so they must ensure that what you need is indeed an emergency. The emergency signs for the Covid-19 virus include trouble breathing, chest pain, confusion, and bluish lips or face. When you head out for these appointments, the CDC strongly urges you to wear a mask and avoid as many people (and as much contact) as you can. 

Finding Legitimacy

Right now, we do not have a vaccine against the Coronavirus, and the best way for us to slow the spread of this outbreak is to stay isolated, sanitized, and listen to only legitimate sources about ways to combat this. Things like CBD simply are not valid ways of treating the virus, no matter how many spam emails or text messages you may receive. 

So, keep your socialization to a bare minimum--only essential interactions--and stay cozy within your home for the next few weeks. We know that it’s not easy, but every one of our actions has a direct impact on the rest of the world right now, so we have to be more careful than ever. During your time, feel free to continue enjoying your cannabidiol, however, it’s important to know we are only beginning to understand how it might work for flu-like symptoms and other health conditions. 


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