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micro dosing cannabis oil

Microdosing CBD: A Non-Psychoactive Strategy with Benefits

Microdosing CBD: With CBD popularity on the rise, you’ve probably heard people discussing the method of microdosing. This is a fairly new concept to the world of cannabidiol, but people everywhere, every day, are switching up their CBD consumption to see what the buzz is all about. 

But, what even is microdosing? 


As a simplified introduction, microdosing, is the concept of consuming strictly low-doses of a substance, but enjoying it several times throughout the day. Same goes for any CBD product, really. You just calculate your normal amount of CBD intake, and divide it up by how many times a day you want to consume it. It may seem like a lot to take CBD five or six times a day, but because of how low the dosage is, you won’t be feeling overwhelmed by properties or effects. Not to mention, intoxication is impossible with CBD. 


The Benefits

Okay, so why would someone choose to split their CBD consumption up like this? The answer is quite simple, actually: effectivity. Though 20mg of CBD at once may give you the effects you’re looking for almost instantly, those effects will not last throughout the day. Instead, they will be powerful for a few hours, and then start to subside as the day goes on. With microdosing, however, this isn’t necessarily the case. 


By taking your recommended 20mg in doses, your body is able to better build up the cannabidiol. Once the initial 5mg begins to wear off, you’re able to take the next 5mg, keeping your body full of the healthy phytochemicals that the CBD oil provides. This way, you’re still consuming the same amount of CBD you’re used to, you’re just giving it to your body in a way that allows it to work longer and more effectively. It’s quite a win-win situation. 


The more consistently you utilize CBD, the better it is able to bind to your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for maintaining internal balance throughout your body by regulating certain hormone and enzyme production. CBD can help inhibit or prohibit the production of these enzymes, resulting in a reduction in inflammation, mood boosts, or an overall feeling of relaxation. 


The Most Effective Ways to Microdose

As we’ve strongly suggested, one of the easiest ways of microdosing CBD is through CBD tinctures or oils. Both tinctures and oils typically come with a built-in pipette, making the measuring process extremely easy for consuming sublingually. Not to mention, you can purchase our CBD-rich oils in practically any strength that suits you, as well as different flavors to make the process more appealing. 

CBD-infused topical salves are also gaining popularity as a way to microdose this special cannabinoid. Topicals are creams or oils that are directly rubbed into the skin on areas of pain or discomfort. To microdose with our CBD-rich salves , we highly recommend rubbing a small dab on the pain point several times a day. Make sure to keep the dose small, like the size of a dime, and stay consistent with application to keep pain minimal and manageable. With this, feeling better is as simple as putting on some soothing lotion. Just be sure to always start low and slow, and simply let the CBD do its thing.

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