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Farmer's Market

Six reasons why you should buy local products


Don’t we all love walking through Farmer’s Market, picking out local produce, meat, supporting local farmers? It’s a wonderful way to support people from our communities. We do the same when it comes to supporting local arts and culture. Surprisingly, however, we do not focus on locally sourced products when looking at packaged products. It’s time to change that.


Here are six reasons why you should buy local products:

  1. Supports Local Economy: When you purchase locally manufactured items, you are helping the local economy thrive and thereby creating employment opportunities for people in the geography.


  1. Local is Safer: Product safety is another growing concern, especially when we talk about products that will be ingested, including foods, tinctures and oils. For families with young children and seniors, this becomes even more important. When these packaged consumables are imported, they can pass through several different hands before reaching your kitchen, increasing the chance of contamination.


  1. Local is Healthier: Shorter supply chains ensure that these products do not contain as many preservatives as the mass manufacturers would. Also, since the ingredients for most of these products are sourced locally, the manufactures are more careful about the ingredients being pesticide-free. They ensure that the producers use only organic and natural pest repellants to preserve the health of the end products. As opposed to those produced by large-scale agricultural operations, which are often mass sprayed with pesticides.


  1. Local is Transparent: When the products are produced within your region, they are also more accountable and transparent with the consumers. You have more visibility to the farmlands they come from, the people who work there, the workers’ conditions and the quality of the product. Such radical transparency makes you more aware and powerful as a consumer.


  1. Local is Sustainable: Shorter supply chains, low pesticides, small batch manufacturing, hand-made solutions also mean more sustainability in what you consume. Lower carbon footprints, less damage to the planet, less air pollution, all arises from sourcing locally. Be a planet-conscious consumer and purchase local.


  1. Local is Sincere: At the end of the day, local manufacturers care about the community, about their consumers, and are very sincere in their efforts. It is only fair that we help these businesses survive by respecting their values and putting our dollars back into the community.

Go to your local Whole Foods, Greens Naturals, Acme, C-Town, Trader Joe’s, Fairway, and shop the aisles for locally grown produce and locally sourced products. Or go online and search for <Your State> Local <Product >.

As for Medical Mike’s, we are a New York based company. All our full spectrum hemp oils are ethanol extracted. Our CBD products are made from locally sourced, organic hemp from upstate New York farms. We proudly serve the local communities through barber shops, small stores in Brooklyn like Canvas By Querencia, and through our online website, Please give our products a try. Our customers love them and keep coming back. We are also developing some more exciting products that will be launched next quarter which will include an extra strength full spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) full spectrum CBN oil (cannabinol) and a full spectrum CBD line focused on dogs and pets. Stay Tuned!

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