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New York Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

New York Medical Cannabis Dispensaries: How to Get the Weed You Need

The legalization of marijuana remains a hot topic across the country, with 48 of our great 50 states allowing some level of legal weed—mostly medical, not recreational. Yet. Lately, New Yorkers, who live in a fully legal state, can enjoy the best of both weed worlds with fewer restrictions.

In October 2021, New York State’s Cannabis Control Board loosened its rules even further by allowing the sale of (smokable) marijuana flowers and expanding the list of approved medical marijuana prescribers.

So, who can prescribe the weed you need?

Who Can Prescribe Medical Cannabis in New York?

Now, thanks to more-lenient regulations, New Yorkers have additional doctor and practitioner options. Anyone who is licensed, registered, or certified by New York State to prescribe controlled substances within the state can certify patients for medical marijuana. 

The list of approved cannabis prescribers includes doctors, nurse practitioners, podiatrists, dentists, and even midwives. 

But once you’ve found your cannabis-prescribing doctor or practitioner, do you qualify for the Medical Marijuana Program?


Who Is Eligible for New York’s Medical Marijuana Program?

If you’ve been diagnosed with one (or more) of the following life-threatening or debilitating conditions, you may be eligible for medical cannabis…

  • Cancer
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Epilepsy
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Spinal cord injury

Other conditions also apply if accompanied by severe pain, nausea, and seizures. Talk with your designated care provider, who can determine if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card. 


How to Get a NY Medical Marijuana Card

If you have a qualifying medical condition and you live in New York State, or you’re being treated for your condition in New York, you’re eligible for a Medical Marijuana Card. Here’s how to get one: 

  1. Obtain a patient certification from your doctor or practitioner.
  2. Submit a patient application to the New York Department of Health.
  3. Visit How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York for step-by-step instructions.


How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

A medical cannabis card in New York typically costs $50, however, the fee is currently being waived for patients and approved practitioners as part of the Compassionate Care Act. Great news! You’ll have extra cash to purchase the cannabis products you need. 

Once you receive your card, here are a few of New York’s finest medical marijuana dispensaries to check out…


Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in New York

RISE (formerly Fp Wellness)  

On November 21, 2021, the well-known, medical marijuana dispensary, Fp Wellness, transitioned to RISE. Same convenient locations, high-quality cannabis products, and exceptional patient care with a new, respected name.

  • Locations in Manhattan, Clifton Park, Rochester, and (coming soon!) Nassau.
  • High-quality, proprietary products plus additional medical marijuana brands—all tested and approved by the New York State Department of Health for quality and safety.
  • Free consultations with a Cannabis Pharmacist.
  • Comfortable environment: cozy seating, spacious rooms, plants, and artwork.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Discounts for first-time patients, seniors, veterans, and patients experiencing financial difficulties.
  • High Risers Rewards: Earn redeemable points for future purchases plus receive advance notice of product arrivals and special deals.
  • Delivery available at Clifton Park location.


Etain Health

This women-owned, medical cannabis dispensary was founded by three granddaughters, wishing to honor the memory of their beloved grandmother, Frances “Granny Franny” Keefe, who lost her battle with ALS. The company’s name, Etain, comes from a courageous, female protagonist from Irish mythology whose strength and perseverance mirrored Granny Franny’s. 

  • Women-owned.
  • Locations in Manhattan, Syracuse, and Yonkers.
  • High-quality, proprietary medical marijuana products, tested and approved by the New York State Department of Health for quality and safety.
  • Largest variety of dosing methods and devices in New York State.
  • Complementary consultations and follow-ups with trained staff.
  • Home delivery.


Columbia Care

Columbia Care’s experienced pharmacy staff helps medical cannabis patients and CBD consumers incorporate pharmaceutical-quality, medical cannabis products into a health enhancing wellness program. 

For a list of other medical cannabis locations in New York, visit: Registered Organizations.  


Regardless of your dispensary destination, don’t forget the following… 

What You Need to Bring to a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

  1. Your NY Medical Marijuana Card or Temporary NY Medical Marijuana Card.
  2. Your Photo ID


Optional Suggestions:

  1. A list of current medications.
  2. Your Patient Certification Form.
  3. Your Caregiver’s Contact Info.
  4. Completed Medical Marijuana Patient Registration Form.


Are you ready to shop? 

May your new year be filled with much happiness, good health, and great weed!

Interested in recreational cannabis? Learn more about which towns/cities in New York are opening dispensaries by you.

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