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full spectrum cbg oil

Everything You Never Knew About Full Spectrum CBG Oil Dosage & Effects

Full Spectrum CBG Oil: The hemp industry is rapidly expanding its offerings, making it tough to decide which products are effective and worth your investment. You may be confident in the power of CBD, but you may not know if it’s time to add CBG to your regimen. While in the early stages of clinical research, CBG offers many potential healing properties.


To better grasp what this minor cannabinoid can do for you, we’ve curated the latest research on the effects of CBG, tips to choose the proper dosage, and information about the best CBG oils and edibles.


CBG Quick Facts


  • CBG is one of over 100 cannabinoids that can influence physiological activity and support healthy internal balance.


  • CBG is best known for skin health and sleep support.


  • CBG is non-psychotropic, meaning it does not elicit psychoactive effects or make you feel


  • You can find CBG in broad-spectrum hemp extracts, full-spectrum extracts, and isolate products.


How does CBG work in your body?


CBG’s therapeutic mechanism of action looks a lot like other cannabinoids. When you ingest CBG extract, it interacts with receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS is comprised of receptors that help keep your body in an optimal, balanced state.


The ECS contains various unexplored receptors, but the most prominent and researched are CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors reside primarily in your nervous system and brain, while CB2 receptors linger mostly throughout your immune system.


CBG works by binding to both CB1 and CB2 receptors, boosting your body’s anandamide function. Anandamide, sometimes called the ‘bliss molecule,’ is a neurotransmitter that enhances pleasure, regulates appetite and sleep, alleviates pain, and even shows signs of treating symptoms associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS).




CBG is one of the precursors to CBD, meaning that CBG converts to CBD through the aging process and contact with heat such as sunlight or through the drying process. As a result, CBG and CBD share similarities and critical differences in their effects on the body.



  • Research shows that CBG extract is the most impactful for skin-related issues and regulating sleep.
  • On the other hand, CBD is primarily utilized as an anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, and anxiolytic. In other words, much of the clinical research points to its effectiveness in treating epilepsy, anxiety-related disorders, and pain.



  • CBG, like CBD, is successful at treating nausea and supporting appetite.
  • Research indicates that ingesting these compounds together produces a synergistic effect, meaning that they work better in full spectrum extracts to evoke more significant, longer-lasting results in the body.


What is the Proper CBG Dosage?


When it comes to CBG - or any hemp extracts, proper dosage is vital. To find the correct CBG dosage for you, consider several factors, including your height, weight, and age.


  • Taller and heavier people typically require a higher concentration of CBG because the rate at which CBG is absorbed and metabolized varies based on these factors. Pro Tip: to determine a dosage range, multiply your weight by 0.2mg and increase the amount as needed.
  • To feel the effects of any cannabinoid, your body must first metabolize–or break it down. Because metabolism slows as you get older, age can play a role in determining the proper dosage. This means that the older you are, the longer it may take for you to feel the effects of CBG. For some, this can take as long as 3 hours.

As with most cannabinoids, experts recommend starting with a small dosage and increasing slowly over time. This method is called titration. Because ideal CBG dosages are individual-specific, only you can truly determine what dose is suitable for your body and needs.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the perfect CBG dosage, so we recommend keeping a titration journal to track your milligrams and effects over time.


Here are a few factors to consider:


  • Every brand’s CBG formulation is different. Some brands may utilize isolated CBG, while others use the myriad of cannabinoids naturally present in the plant to create full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBG products. The only way to know which is right for you is to try both options. However, research indicates that full-spectrum products may be more effective because of the combined effects you’ll receive from CBG, along with CBD and other minor cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Isolates contain one cannabinoid only. So, while the entourage effect suggests that full-spectrum products may work best, CBG isolate may still produce beneficial properties, especially for you’re looking to use it in larger doses as a muscle relaxer or anti-anxiety treatment.


  • Cannabinoid potency determines a product's strength and is generally measured by the amount of CBG per volume. For oils, volume is typically measured in milliliters. Therefore, oils with more milligrams of CBG per milliliter will likely have more noticeable effects. However, higher potency doesn’t necessarily mean better for your body. So, if you want to try a high-potency CBG product, start with a low dose and work up to the recommended dosage on the bottle.


  • Your reason for using Organic CBG Oil is another major factor when selecting a product and dosage. For example, mild ailments require a lower dose, while more acute issues, like severe muscle pain, require more to combat symptoms properly.


  • It is essential to read labels and consider product reviews when selecting the best CBG product for your needs.


The Best CBG Delivery Methods


CBG products come in various types and delivery methods, including CBG edibles, CBG oils, or cannabis flower strains genetically manipulated to feature high levels of CBG. The best way to ensure you’re getting large quantities of CBG is through high-quality CBG oils and edibles.


There are many ways to consume CBG oil. Taking the oil under the tongue or inhaling it through a vaporizer is the fastest way for CBG to enter the bloodstream. Alternative ways to use CBG oil are adding it to smoothies or snacks or applying it directly on the skin. In addition, you can add CBG to lotions, shampoos, and body washes to enhance your beauty routine.


CBG Edibles

Making edibles using homemade snacks with CBG oil is a great way to create tasty treats that satisfy your dosage routine. For example, you might add CBG oil to your salad dressing, drop it onto foods while cooking, or add it to drinks like coffee or tea.


How is ingesting CBG edibles different from vaping a CBG oil?


  • Edibles are a convenient, discreet, and effective way of accessing the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids without exposure to the potential harms of smoking.
  • Edibles are an oral method of ingestion. So, when you eat CBG-infused food, the cannabinoids enter your gastrointestinal tract and into your gut before being absorbed into the bloodstream. The bloodstream then carries the CBG into the liver, metabolizing the compound.
  • It may take as long as three hours to feel the full effect of CBG edibles. On the other hand, Oils kick in within 15-20 minutes. That said, once the CBG edibles eventually get to work, the effects last longer, making them a good option if you’re looking for sleep or appetite support.




Full Spectrum CBG oil contains many therapeutic effects for ailments, that can possible help with anxiety, pain, and skin-related issues when taken regularly. For best results, it’s essential to source organic CBG products from reputable companies like Medical Mikes that tests all formulas for safety and potency. It’s also critical to experiment and practice patience while you find the proper CBG dosage and delivery method for you.


If you’re looking to begin or expand your hemp wellness journey with CBG, you can find high-quality, full spectrum products at Medical Mikes.


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