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Medical Mike's of New York: Trusted Hemp-based Wellness from the American Northeast

Here at Medical Mike's, we believe everyone can achieve optimal levels of alternative wellness. Whether you're just starting your research into hemp and CBD/CBG products, or you're already aware of their enormous potential - going with trusted, natural brands is important. We pride ourselves in being the best option for hemp products in the northeastern United States. But, with so much talk about hemp these days, you might be asking yourself, "What really sets Medical Mike's of New York apart from the rest?"  


There are many reasons why we do what we do, and why we're excited for this brand new world of alternative self-care. Keep reading as we discuss some specifics on what inspired us to provide you with your go-to for hemp products in the northeast, where our hemp comes from, and more. 


We're Proudly Based in New York State

When the Farm Bill passed a few years ago, we set out to become one of the first hemp innovators in New York State. Starting out (admittedly) was certainly a rough time. This new and exciting field of legal hemp was just beginning to find its bearings, and so our company went through substantial growing pains when it came to wading through a sea of fakes and finding trustworthy, quality suppliers. But now, after much careful research regarding our process, our sources and our formulations, we have done just that! 


Inspired by our founder Mike Vanacoro's puppy, Torre, and our desire to help people feel better, Medical Mike's is here to bring you affordable CBD & CBG products to aid you in living your best life on a daily basis. 


Organic, Locally-Sourced Hemp from Upstate New York

Why are we so excited to bring you products made from locally-sourced hemp-based products from the states of New York & Vermont? It's simple. Both states are classically known for being ideal locations for farming and agriculture; the conditions in New York for high-quality hemp have made many farmers choose to grow the beneficial plant. We're proud to partner with organic farms to bring you farm-to-bottle products made from pesticide-free plants, hand cured to ensure maximum cannabinoid and terpene retention. 


For those that are unfamiliar -- harvest season in the Northeast is a thing of beauty! With every year, our organic farmer partners are enriching the land and raising healthy hemp plants for the benefit of those in need. 


Introducing: Medical Mike's of NY CBG Products

We wanted to take a moment and introduce the latest product in our line of alternative wellness options: CBG oil. The cannabinoid CBG has taken the world of hemp by storm in the past year because of its self-care potential. Since it's difficult to extract CBG from the hemp plant, our team at Medical Mike's decided to create a full spectrum CBG oil product designed to give consumers unparalleled access to this lesser-known (but just as important) cannabinoid. 


Our Medical Mike's of NY Full Spectrum CBG oil tinctures are proudly made from organic hemp plants are a 1:1 combination of CBG to CBD. Carefully preserved terpenes, flavonoids, and essential nutrients are also present -- ensuring you get a full experience and access to the "entourage effect."


Medical Mike's: Aiming to be the Leader for CBG Products in the Northeast

We hope that as we move further and further into this new decade of the 2020s, that there is more CBG research that leads to increased awareness regarding this amazing compound. As our process becomes more and more refined, we plan to continually seek out and partner with the most innovative organic farmers that provide us with their healthiest hemp. Medical Mike's is here to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to natural, alternative wellness options. 


Stay tuned to our blog page for more news and information - and be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook


Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.

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