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Why Choose Organic CBG?

Why Organic Hemp is Best

Why Choose Organic CBG?

Is buying organic really better? It’s a question that comes up all the time, and there’s a lot of different opinions out there causing all sorts of noise around the internet. But, the answer is simple, especially when it comes to your health. Organic is always better, and organic hemp products, like organic CBD and organic CBG are always going to be a healthier alternative than their non-organic counterparts.


What is CBG?

CBD, CBG, CBN, THC… With all the acronyms it isn’t surprising that people get confused. All of those acronyms stand for the much longer and more confusing chemical names of cannabinoids, the organic compounds created by the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant produces over a hundred cannabinoids, and the most common and well-known are CBD and THC. However, there would be no CBD or THC without CBG, the “mother cannabinoid.”


All cannabinoids start out as CBG. The cannabis plant then metabolizes the CBG into CBD, THC, and the other cannabinoids it creates. Hemp plants produce more CBD. Marijuana plants produce more THC. In fact, the levels of CBG are fairly low in mature cannabis plants. That’s why cultivators harvest plants early to get high CBG.


CBG has shown potential to reduce stress, help people get sleep, reduce soreness and inflammation, and it may even help improve attention and focus. In a lot of ways, CBG’s effects are similar to CBD, but it appears to offer greater benefits for mental health. Like CBD, CBG is does not have any intoxicating effects and will not get you high.

The Problem With Impurities

It might surprise some people to know that CBD, and other hemp products, aren’t regulated by the FDA. That means it’s up to the companies making hemp products to maintain the quality of their products themselves. For reputable companies, this isn’t too much of an issue. They want to be known for quality products. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of companies out there that don’t care, and it can be hard to tell the difference.


Anyone who’s looked into the benefits of organic produce is aware of the threat posed by pesticides. These chemicals are, after all, poisons engineered to kill insects and other pests that would damage crops. Just because those poisons aren’t meant to kill humans or the levels of them are considered “safe” by a government agency does not change the fact that they are poisons. There’s a long history of pesticides being linked to some truly awful effects on both the environment and people’s health.


Many people think that washing off produce gets rid of the pesticides. That simply isn’t the case. Sure, it can help wash any residues off the outside of the produce, but plants absorb water, and pesticides are often absorbed along with it. Now, consider hemp. CBD, CBG, and other hemp products are made from hemp flowers. While it might be possible to rinse them off, they’re still going to contain any pesticides absorbed by the plant. People don’t just eat cannabis. People smoke cannabis, vaporize it, and apply it to their skin. While the full health implications aren’t fully understood, it doesn’t take a great imagination to see why this could be a seriously bad thing.


There’s another concern that most people aren’t aware of: heavy metals. No, it’s not hard rock music. The cannabis plant is known to absorb a lot of things from soil, including dissolved metals. Some heavy metals, like lead, can be toxic. An investigation conducted in 2019 by CBS Austin found that 70% of CBD products were “highly contaminated” with both heavy metals and pesticides. The same investigation also reported that 70% of hemp sold in the US is actually grown in China, where it’s often used as a cover crop to pull heavy metals, pesticides, and impurities out of soil. That means that unscrupulous companies are buying hemp used specifically as a sponge for contaminants and selling it to people knowing that they’re going to be putting it in their bodies.


Concentrated Concerns

If that wasn’t already bad, many of the CBG and CBD products on the market are concentrates. Most CBG and CBD oils are made by extracting the cannabinoids from hemp and concentrating them down, to contain a pure mix of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. Concentrates—as the name suggests—concentrate the substances found in the plant. While that’s a good thing for cannabinoids like CBG, it’s a terrible thing for contaminants. So, if a company uses non-organic hemp to make their CBG concentrates and doesn’t try to filter out the contaminants, the end product will have even more heavy metals and pesticides than the original hemp did at concentrations that can be seriously harmful.


To make matters even worse, many CBD and hemp companies don’t even test their products for contaminants. In fact, research published by Leafreport showed that only 13% of companies tested nearly all of their products for contaminants, like pesticides and heavy metals.

Organic CBG is best because organic farming practices forbid the use of chemicals or inorganic fertilizers. Only natural products are used in the farming of the hemp, meaning there’s almost no chance of pesticide contamination, and the levels of heavy metals should remain fairly low because there won’t be any added to the soil.


With organic CBG, you’re getting the highest purity product possible because the entire cultivation process is kept close to nature. In order to be certified organic, hemp products must be tested, inspected, and require rigorous guidelines, so you can be confident in what you’re getting.


With organic hemp grown in the US, you can be confident that it was grown to a high standard, unlike some imported hemp. People turn to CBG, CBD, and other hemp extracts for their health. Why not be certain that the products you’re using are best for your overall wellness?

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