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Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Pain

Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Pain

There are plenty of pros and cons of CBD oil for pain. Did you know that according to the U.S. Pain Foundation, over 50 million Americans suffer from some type of everyday pain? That’s one out of every five adults suffering from chronic pain. 

On top of that, the cost of lost productivity due to chronic pain totals nearly 300 billion annually. You are definitely not alone.

When it comes to CBD oil and pain, there are plenty of brands, stores, products, and options to choose from – it can be a bit overwhelming. 

There’s topicals, CBD oil tinctures, gummies, capsules, even dog CBD oil! It can be a lot to understand and making the right choice can be complicated to say the least. 

But no need to worry! Thanks to your friends at Medical Mikes, we’ve got all your questions covered with answers from our team of experts. We’ve put together a complete list of all the pros and cons of CBD oil for pain. 

Use this as your one-stop guide to decide what CBD products are best for you and your type of pain! 

CBD Oil for Pain

Research continues to uncover the many ways CBD can be used to help with everyday issues and complications. And as more resources get used for the research and study of how CBD works, we learn more about how this amazing natural product can help. 


People from all walks of life are turning to CBD for the relief they need. Athletes are using CBG and CBD for performance recovery. Even CBD for seniors continues to be a popular option for those dealing with the issues of aging. 


CBD can boost physical and mental performance. Did you know that CBD can also help with everyday anxiety and the underlying issues that can come along with it? Even things like CBD tea and other cannabinoids (like CBN) can be used to help improve sleep patterns and routines. 


But what about CBD for pain? What type of pain is CBD best for? Does CBD oil reduce arthritis or pain? What’s the best method of CBD oil for pain?


You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Check out everything you need to know about the pros and cons of CBD oil for pain. 


What Type of Pain is CBD Best For?

This can be a bit of a tricky question. That’s because new research and on-going studies continue to uncover more applications when it comes to CBD for pain. The majority of participants in one study said that CBD products helped their pain and helped reduce their use of pain medications. 


While it’s not a cure-all by any means, it can be an effective more natural option for those looking for pain relief. Some common pain issues people may use CBD for include:

Does CBD Oil Reduce Arthritis or Pain?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and with good reason. That’s because 24% of all adults (over 58 million people) in America have arthritis. Arthritis is the leading cause of work disability totalling over 300 billion in lost earnings and costs for medical care. Did you know that there’s over 100 different types of arthritis?


According to one study conducted by Harvard Health, CBD has shown some promising results in combating pain and inflammation issues. It’s important to note that every person is different and studies are always on-going, so be sure to do your own research before choosing the CBD product that’s right for you and your pain. 

Does CBD Oil Help with Inflammation and Pain?

This is another great question when it comes to the pros and cons of CBD oil for pain. According to initial research, yes! 


Inflammation and pain, although very similar, are not exactly the same thing. Inflammation is usually an underlying cause of pain.


Inflammation is the body’s normal response to injury or infection. When it comes to CBD oil for inflammation and pain, early evidence suggests that CBD works with your body’s Endocannabinoid System (or ECS) in a natural way to combat the complications of inflammation. And since it’s battling inflammation, CBD also helps with pain! 

How Long Before CBD Oil Reduces Pain?

Along with questions like how long does CBD stay in your system, this is a fairly common question. That’s because it can vary for everyone, it just depends on a few factors like weight, height, metabolism, underlying conditions, etc. 


For most, effects of CBD oil can be felt within anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes. For the most part, effects are gradual and will take some time to take effect. Just remember: it can vary for everyone so be sure to monitor how you’re feeling when you first take CBD as part of your pain-fighting routine!

CBD Oil Side Effects

When it comes to the pros and cons of CBD oil for pain, the pros easily outweigh the cons. Many people experience a wide range of benefits and CBD oil side effects. Exactly how does CBD make you feel? Most people experience benefits like: 

  • Better calm 
  • Improved relaxation
  • Pain relief and bodily support
  • Better flexibility and faster recovery
  • Better sleep patterns 
  • And a whole lot more!


But are there any CBD oil horror stories? For the most part, no. Because it’s derived from a natural source (the hemp plant), the likelihood of negative CBD oil side effects are greatly reduced. That doesn’t mean that everyone will experience the same great CBD benefits. Some negative CBD oil side effects may include:

  • Drowsiness and fatigue
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Red eyes


But those are few and far between. The pros and cons of CBD oil for pain may vary for everyone, but start with a product that fits your needs and be sure to stick to your routine for the best results!

What is the Best Method of CBD Oil for Pain?

Now that you understand all the pros and cons of CBD oil for pain, what are some of the best ways of trying it? With so many options to choose from, it may be difficult to determine exactly what you need for the best results. 


Even though there are a lot of options to choose from, that’s one of the best features of CBD oil for pain. It can be used in just about any form of application! Tinctures, topicals, gummies, capsules, powders, you name it and you can find it. But what’s the best CBD for joint pain relief?

  1. CBD Topicals

For many, topicals are a great option. That’s because you can use topicals right on the pain site. The best CBD for knee pain and the best CBD for joint pain relief is usually topicals because you can put it right on the area of discomfort. Topicals are often available in things like tubs, rollers, gels, creams, and CBD salves. 

  1. CBD Oil

CBD oil tinctures offer an easy and convenient way to take your daily dose of CBD. Tinctures offer a quick way for the benefits to get directly into your body by simply placing the tincture directly under your tongue. It’s best to hold it for 30-60 seconds before swallowing to allow complete absorption. 

For even more info on the benefits and how to use CBD oil for pain under the tongue, check out our blog!

  1. CBD Edibles

CBD edibles make it simple, easy, and delicious to get your daily serving of CBD. Edibles can be anything from candy and chocolate to brownies and gummies. Thanks to recent trends in supplement support, gummies are quickly becoming a go-to favorite.  

When it comes to the pros and cons of CBD gummies, most people enjoy the taste so it makes it easy to get the amount they need. However, because of the way CBD gummies are ingested, they may take longer to work and be less effective. 

That’s why options like these higher strength CBD oil tinctures which pack a more potent punch into each serving.  

No matter what product you choose to go with, be sure to stick to your routine for the best results. And try combining products to further understand the pros and cons of CBD oil for pain and how it can help change your life for the better! 

Along with CBD, medical mikes offers organic CBG oil and full spectrum CBN oil.

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